Every new day is an adventure to be discovered.

Let me give you my favourite links:

  • French Vox Manga – Manga is a part of the creation #AlexboFVM
  • Color Marketing Group, founded in 1962, is a not-for-profit, international Association of color design professionals involved in the use of color as it applies to the profitable marketing of goods and services.
  • About Vincent Keeling Artist
  • Stefan Holm Photo: my name is Stefan and come from Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Free-OCR.com is a free online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool. You can use this service to extract text from any image you supply.
  • Show Your Town and Your Neighbourhood with RoadCrawl
  • Online photography space curated by Antony Barroux: Pixfan.co.uk .
  • Photography, digital art and digital painting with Svetlana Neskovska.
  • Splendid photo from Alastair Duncan – Artist

I invite you to read and share «1 Picture 1 Word» magazine on Flipboard.

Flipboard Mag Media 1 Picture 1 Word Inspiring break!
Flipboard Mag Media
1 Picture 1 Word
Inspiring break!

December 2017 : www.1Picture1Word.com is mentioned on www.blogdigital.fr


… stay connected it’s just the beginning of the list 😉


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